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Best of the Week

A slam dunk goes wrong, a cat has a vendetta against Christmas, and Grandpa's dentures don't quite stay in his mouth in the best viral videos of the week!

Best Of The Week

Take a gander at can puppet fighting, a prank on a dad with a vacuum cleaner, and some incredible acrobatics. The best viral videos of the week are NOT to be missed!

While You Were...

Join Ellyse and Ricardo as they discuss the most trending news stories of the week such as which Disney animated film should be live action and what's better than a weekend with Netflix? Also watch some hilarious viral videos all on While You Were.

While You Were...

Ellyse and Ricardo are back at it covering some of the week's top internet stories, such as the terrible Ronaldo statue and the recent study of how spiders can actually eat people! They also show off the funniest prank videos and ask about the scariest animals on the planet! All this and more on While You Were!

This Week In Fails

Janel, Jenna, and Pete are crowded in the small Jukin studio to bring a mega-stuffed episode of This Week In Fails. In between showing some redneck's at their best and some cactus loving stuntmen the three answer comments, questions, and concerns from all their eager fans.