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While You Were...

Rick and Ashley are ready to give you all the online goodies you've been missing on this episode of While You Were... Between internet gems the two talk singing competitions and play a quick game of which host found the best of the internet. Tune in and see if you agree with either of their choices, or just sit back and enjoy an amazing half hour of hilarious clips.

This Week in Fails

Ryan and Janell are bringing back the internet fun right to your television sets on this episode of This Week In Fails. The two spend the show guessing weather or not certain internet clips end with a fail or win. How good do you think your odds are? Do you think you can beat our fail experts? The only way to find out is to tune in.

TBD Fitness

Get your butt moving with TBD Fitness! Sarah Fit is here to teach you how to make running suck less, blogilates shows us how to make some natural belly-slimming detox water, and Amanda Russell shows us the best stretch routine!

Best Of The Week

It's snow problem for Best of the Week since he have a ton of ski fails in this episode. Plus, we've got a dog hungry for pants and a basketball player who gets more hoop than net. Also we have a math teacher using actual pie to help enlighten some students about how delicious learning can be.

Best Of The Week

Who has the worst crashes, motorcyclists or skiers? We answer that among other web condrieries on this episode of Best Of The Week. It's the only time of the day when fails, successes, and just plain hilarious vids from the web all get together and coexists in one place.

Best Of The Week

On this episode of Best Of The Week we've got falling trees and failing seasoning attempts. Plus we've got just the cutest, and possibly loudest, collection of baby videos and a healthy dose of misbehaving pets. It's everything television has been missing, so don't forget to tune in.

Best Of The Week

Would you carve a pumpkin at breakneck speeds? Is that even a question you'd ever thought you'd have to answer? Well just this situation shows up on this episode of Best of The Week. Plus we've got a ton of lizards and a few pool fails that will have you happy that you stayed dry.

Best Of The Week

We've got the "Best Of The Week" today on TBD, and that includes a supermodel with not so super grace and a tree falling in the forest that everyone can hear. Plus, we've got some seriously awesome slack-liners and some summertime fun that will make you ready for the season.

Best Of The Week

It's backflips in gyms and beach front wedding fails on this episode of Best Of The Week. Plus we've got a collection of some favorite animal friends helping out or causing chaos, depending on who you ask. Plus stick around for some babies being babies, cause who doesn't love that.

Real Winning Edge

This week, rugby player Chip Johnson overcomes financial challenges, Olympic diver Kelci Bryant helps diver Bailey Wind meet challenges head on, and recording artist Decyfer Putney helps blind wrestler and musician Luke Putney deal with visual impairment.

The Extreme World Of Devin Super Tramp

This week, Devin and the Super Tramp crew bring us some incredible frisbee trick shots on a lake, a new way to fly underwater, and some robotic dolphins and water cars!

FBE: React

Curl up on the coach with your significant other for this romantic episode of FBE: React. We're letting our favorite youtube couples enjoy some #relationshipgoals and get their feelings on some recent dating trends. Who needs a night on the town when all the love you've ever wanted is right here on your television.

What's Trending On TBD

What's trending on TBD!

While You Were...

Hang out with the Jukin squad as they take a load off and talk about the latest and greatest in pop culture and viral videos

Best of the Week

Take a load off and enjoy some of the best videos the internet has to offer this week.

The Last Intervention

The rebellious daughter of divorced Dominican parents discovers her family is having an intervention in her honor. It's not exactly how she planned to spend the weekend.

TBD Food

It's a meat and potatoes episode on TBD food as signature chefs Marcus Meacham, Helen Rennie, and Bobby Parrish show us some comfortable recipes for comfort food. Among the savory specialties, we also head out into the world with Nick Uhas to see if flour can withstand a gunpowder blast. Dine in with us!

The Extreme World Of Devin Super Tramp

This week, Devin and the Super Tramp crew bring us some incredible frisbee trick shots on a lake, a new way to fly underwater, and some robotic dolphins and water cars!

Caters TV

Caters TV Presents the most interesting viral videos from the web, and tonight that means you get to see a dog riding a segway like a pro, a man pull a snake through his nose and mouth, and a whole new sport where people climb up frozen waterfalls. Oh, and there's so much more, so tune in!

Corridor Digital: Maxed Out!

If you're in the market for a tank, then be sure to tune in to this episode of Corridor Digital: Maxed Out! That's because the internet creators are shopping around and giving you all the information you never thought you needed. Plus, the boys give us a behind the scenes look at how they hit the slopes in their viral smash Black Diamond.

Because Science

Kyle Hill is exploring more super science theories by tapping into some of Marvel comics most famous properties. Is Magneto actually be way more powerful than any other mutant ever? What's inside the infinity stones that can defeat a team of superheroes? How does dark matter really affect the galaxy? All these answers and more on Because Science!

The Laboratory With CRH

The Crazy Russian Hacker is about to show you how to use a tripod to start a campfire, just in case you needed to know. However, if you were ever curious what happens when you freeze balloons or what the best pizza gadgets on the market are, this definitely is the episode for you.


It's a new episode of TableTop!


It's the temple of DOOM for Felicia Day, Jessica Marzipan, Amy Okuda, and Robin Thorsen! They're trapped inside a temple and have to work together to Escape!


Sean "Day[9]" Plott takes on everyon'e favorite awkward high school student Jon Heder in a more straight-forward battle because Jon hasn't played since he was in the Boy Scouts. But, there's plenty more to look forward to in this episode, so tune in!