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Big Red Lazor

The crew celebrates 3 years of Big Red Lazor and look back at what's happened in the past year with never before shown footage, and past guests Viet and Mathia!

10 UP

Denise balances out this episode's lists by showing off the greatest video game commercials versus the trailers that just didn't cut it at all.

Best Of The Week

It's snow problem for Best of the Week since he have a ton of ski fails in this episode. Plus, we've got a dog hungry for pants and a basketball player who gets more hoop than net. Also we have a math teacher using actual pie to help enlighten some students about how delicious learning can be.

Best Of The Week

Who has the worst crashes, motorcyclists or skiers? We answer that among other web condrieries on this episode of Best Of The Week. It's the only time of the day when fails, successes, and just plain hilarious vids from the web all get together and coexists in one place.

Best Of The Week

On this episode of Best Of The Week we've got falling trees and failing seasoning attempts. Plus we've got just the cutest, and possibly loudest, collection of baby videos and a healthy dose of misbehaving pets. It's everything television has been missing, so don't forget to tune in.

Best Of The Week

Would you carve a pumpkin at breakneck speeds? Is that even a question you'd ever thought you'd have to answer? Well just this situation shows up on this episode of Best of The Week. Plus we've got a ton of lizards and a few pool fails that will have you happy that you stayed dry.

While You Were...

While You Were is recovering from the Thanksgiving holiday by asking folks what their favorite traditions of the season are. Plus, Rick and Ashley discuss what the proper amount of money to spend on a present for a significant other might be in preparation for Christmas. We've got all that plus and some of the most hilarious videos from the web!

While You Were...

Ashley welcomes new host Pete From The Streets into the studio to help discuss the most trending topics from the week on this episode of While You Were. They discuss the recent Grammy Nominations and the upcoming Jersey Shore reunion. Plus, they throw in a few of their most favorite web videos. It's gonna be a show to remember!

America's Heartland

Host Paul Ryan features stories saving buffalos and visits a cricket farm.

TBD Fitness

Summer may be winding down, but that summer bod can stick around all year long when you workout with Mike Donavanik, Amanda Russell, and Joanna Soh, so don't miss a second of sweat!

TBD Food

We gettin' fancy tonight on TBD Food. Get ready for signature chef Julie Nolke showing some easy ways to create your own fine dining cuisine at home. Plus, we've got the history of the lobster, and a steak taste test challenge that will have your mouth watering from start to finish.

Different Drum

Tod is an unemployed musician and Lydia is pregnant. They used to date each other and with a wedding as the reason, Tod and Lydia take a trip from South Dakota to Indiana. The trip is filled with detours, interesting strangers, and a physical injury.

The Trouble With Bliss

A coming of age story of a man who is overdue for just that. Morris Bliss (Michael C. Hall) juggles a complicated relationship with a promiscuous 18 year old (Brie Larson), the comes on of his intrusive next door neighbor (Lucy Liu) and dealing with his disappointed father who also happens to be his roommate (Henry Fonda). You'll laugh, you'll cringe, and you'll cheer Morris on as he finally turns into a fully functioning adult.

CollegeHumor Presents

College Humor Presents is taking sketch comedy to some interesting, witty, and strange, yet familiar places! In this special holiday edition, we're previewing our new show from the great comedic minds at College Humor, with a festive flare.

CollegeHumor's Hardly Working

College Humor's Hardly Working is exactly what the name implies- a comedy show from your friendly office slackers who should be working instead!

FailArmy Presents The Flop

This Week in Fails... Janelle, Jenna, and Pete discuss travel, dream jobs, and being under pressure- with some pretty darn relatable fail compilations from offices, construction yards, skateboarders, and nature.

Best of the Week

Take a load off and enjoy some of the best videos the internet has to offer this week.

FBE: React Gaming

Are you hungry? Well this game might not fill you up but it will definitely entertain you. That's because we're playing I Am Bread, a frustrating and exciting video game that's taken the internet by storm. Do you have the patience to flop from one side of the room to the other? Find out on this episode of FBE: React Gaming.

FBE: React

Say hello to your wild side on this episode of FBE: React. Take a safari with us as we let kids experience a YouTube channel that specializes in painful insect bites, then YouTubers react to animals reacting to their own reflections. Plus we've got a surprise guest reactor towards the end that you'll definitely want to stick around for.

FBE: Try Again

Ever wonder if your parents could guess a movie if you described it to them? Well that's just one of the challenges on this episode of FBE: Try Again. For a second course we're handing off some seriously spicy ghost peppers to our adult participants and latter we see how hip to the slang these parents are. It's gonna be lit.

JukinVideo Top 100 Viral Videos 2018

JukinVideo Top 100 Viral Videos 2018


Wil Wheaton and guests Brandon Routh (Actor—Superman Returns, Legends of Tomorrow), Felicia Day (Actress—Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Guild), and Ryon Day (Geek & Sundry) play 30s-set adventure game Fortune and Glory! Part 2 of 2!

Because Science

Could Thanos literally wipe out half the universes population with a single snap? Or rather, can someone even snap with a metal gauntlet on their hand? Kyle Hill of Because Science is trying to break this down with the help of a real life weapons expert. Plus, he breaks a leg or two trying to figure out if Superhero landings are even worth the pain.

Because Science

How does the Walking Dead zombie virus work? How do dragons breathe fire? And why can't anyone lift Thor's hammer? Find the answers to these questions and more with Kyle Hill!

Caters TV Presents

What's the worlds cheapest hotel? Can lava actually melt water? What exactly is limbo skating? All these questions will be answered and much, much more tonight on Caters TV Presents!