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Caters TV Presents


Caters TV Presents premiers in a big way with a courageous snowboard rescue and a showdown between a real life caped crusader and some killer clowns. Plus we've got a wallaby. Who doesn't love a wallaby?

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Caters TV

What's the worlds cheapest hotel? Can lava actually melt water? What exactly is limbo skating? All these questions will be answered and much, much more tonight on Caters TV Presents!

Caters TV Presents

Did you know that man's best friend is actually a snake? Or that coral can put you into a trance? Or that pugs love drive-thrus just as much as you? Well, if you didn't, then tune in to this episode of Caters TV Presents for all that and so much more!

Caters TV Presents

Caters TV Presents heats things up with a daredevil who decided to roast a marshmallow over the open mouth of a volcano. And if you're still hungry, we've got guys eating pancakes and guys smashing coconuts to fill your web video appetite!

Caters TV Presents

Just watch Caters TV Presents on the edge of your seat because you're gonna wind up there anyway after watching a daredevil highline 400m above the Pacific Ocean, a Taiwanese knife massage, and a one-eyed cat who loves to surf!