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FBE: Try Again


FBE: Try Again is wondering if you can handle some of the hottest chicken wings in the country? Or if some of the FBE staff can achieve the Chubby Bunny Challenge? Also, do parents know some modern day slang? The results will leave you thirsty... we think that how you use that.

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FBE: Try Again

In the first episode of FBE: Try Again, we see if several folks can keep their composure in a heartwarming game of "Try Not To Cry." Then we make some pizza with rather interesting toppings that you may not be able to stomach. Plus, we've got some teens desperately trying to guess that classic sitcom by hearing the theme.

FBE: Try Again

Can you name a romance movie by only hearing the first few seconds from the film? That's one of the questions we hope to answer today on FBE: Try Again! It's an all YouTubers special as we pit couples against each other to name famous movies and see if other internet stars can guess what happens next in some online clips.