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FBE: React Gaming


In preparation for Soccer Season we've got a virtual competition between some of our best video game competitors on this episode of FBE: React Gaming. it's a Fifa 17 free for all as we do elimination style showdowns to find out who truly is the best baller. Plus, in the second half we pit teams against each other in the outrageous SportsFriend Challenge.

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FBE: React Gaming

We're heading off to the battlefields in this episode of FBE: React Gaming. Get locked and loaded as we send some elders to war in the Call of Duty Series. Then those same classic gamers try their luck in Battlefield. Which side are you on?

FBE: React Gaming

It's a tribute to world's most famous speedy hedgehog in this episode of FBE: React Gaming. We've rounded up our favorite adult players as they master the moves of Tails, Knuckles, and the one and only Sonic as they battle bosses and collect all the rings they can. Plus we've got a frustrating look at Sonic Unfair that may just drive you through a loop.