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World's Dumbest ... Season 12 Episode 9

Burglars in their underwear; jewel thieves who don't know diamonds; robbers with lame disguises.

World's Dumbest ... Season 11 Episode 13

Nearly naked burglar; bad break-in artist; plot to steal sheep.

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FailFactory Season 6 Episode 11

What happens on vacation, stays on vacation; unless someone caught it on camera.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 10

Spoiler alert: nature wins.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 9

A bad day on the water is better than a good day at work.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 8

No height restrictions on this wild ride.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 7

The writing on the wall must have been in another language.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 6

Some dogs are smart; others are starring in this episode.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 5

Someone might need HR for this one.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 4

A look at why people can't have nice things.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 3

One day, people will win.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 2

A painful turn.

FailFactory Season 6 Episode 1

Some excuses for staying inside during the winter.

FailFactory Season 5 Episode 13

Sports are 90 percent mental; the other half are fails.


A bad hair day is the least of these people's problems.

FailFactory Season 5 Episode 11

The home is supposed to be a safe space.

Wipeout Season 4 Episode 27

A makeup artist and a photobomber are among the contestants competing for the $50,000 prize.

Fear Factor Season 4 Episode 18

Couples grab at flags while hanging upside down from a helicopter.

Fear Factor Season 4 Episode 19

Men retrieve disgusting food items from a Dumpster for their mates to eat.

Fear Factor Season 4 Episode 20

A partner must use their mouth to remove chicken feet from a rat filled coffin.

World's Dumbest ... Season 14 Episode 4

Inventions that bling out your teeth; streamline drinking.