Animal Rescue

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1997 • Animals, Educational, Pets, Reality
Just about everybody likes animals and doesn't like to see animals who are sick, injured or abused. So "Animal Rescue," a weekly series -- aimed at children and families -- that showcases spectacular rescues of animals, should be very popular. Because people don't like to see an animal's situation get so bad that it requires rescue, the program tries to avoid those situations by instructing children on the proper care of animals, as well as giving safety tips on caring for all types of creatures.

Episodes Airing Soon

Delta Rose Animal Sanctuary; surgery on a goldfish; dangers of using human medications on animals.

Thu Jun 27 @ 7:00 AM ET/PT

The Ojai Raptor Center; animal rescue heroes; cat adoptions.

Thu Jun 27 @ 7:30 AM ET/PT

Tracking mule deer; saving disabled animals; rescuing skunks; animal rescue heroes; fleas and ticks.

Thu Jul 4 @ 7:00 AM ET/PT

A dolphin center in French Polynesia; helping a stuck cat; a dog falls down a hill; pet allergies.

Thu Jul 4 @ 7:30 AM ET/PT

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