Dog Tales

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2007 • Animals, Educational, Newsmagazine, Pets
Dogs are said to be man's best friend so is it a surprise that there's a weekly show dedicated to dogs and the people who love them? That's what "Dog Tales" is all about. The show, aimed at teenagers, features information on dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds while also informing young people on how to properly care for pets. It also provides safety, health and training tips that are useful for different breeds of dogs as well as emphasizing responsible pet ownership and compassion for all living creatures.

Episodes Airing Soon

Dog-grooming program for prison inmates; giving attention; Siberian huskies.

Fri Apr 26 @ 7:00 AM ET/PT

Dogs who help to investigate fires; playing with toys; the Pekingese.

Fri Apr 26 @ 7:30 AM ET/PT

A family's dog; collecting blankets for shelter dogs; acquiring a dog; the beagle.

Fri May 3 @ 7:00 AM ET/PT

A family's dog; saving an abandoned, injured dog; separation anxiety; the golden retriever.

Fri May 3 @ 7:30 AM ET/PT

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