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2003 • Comedy, Reality
Co-creator Ashton Kutcher sets into motion elaborate pranks aimed at Hollywood stars and other celebs. Among the bigwigs who have been "punk'd" are Frankie Muniz (the show's very first victim), Katie Holmes, Nick Lachey, Halle Berry, Justin Timberlake, Serena Williams, Zach Braff, Andy Roddick, Beyonce and Hugh Jackman. Kutcher hosted the show from its 2003 beginning to its supposed end in 2007, but five years later "Punk'd" returned with a different celebrity host each week, including Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Bam Margera and Dax Shepard, who take the pranks to a whole new level. The fresher episodes also give viewers an inside look at how the elaborate pranks are set up.

Episodes Airing Soon

Kirsten Dunst/Jesse Metcalfe/Michelle Rodriguez

Kirsten Dunst/Jesse Metcalfe/Michelle Rodriguez

Actor Jesse Metcalfe; actress Kirsten Dunst; actress Michelle Rodriguez.

Thu May 23 @ 1:00 AM ET/PT
Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale pranks Ian Harding; Vanessa Hudgens and Sarah Hyland crash a parade.

Thu May 23 @ 1:30 AM ET/PT

Adrien Brody; Mila Kunis; Lisa Leslie.

Thu May 23 @ 2:00 AM ET/PT
Chingy/Jon Heder/Joss Stone

Chingy/Jon Heder/Joss Stone

Chingy; Jon Heder; Joss Stone.

Thu May 23 @ 2:30 AM ET/PT

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