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Aerial anguish, baseball biffs, crazy cats, ditzy drivers and much, much more. The best themed internet fails, all in one place


Derpy Dogs

Every dog has its fail day. If it was caught on camera, chances are it's in this episode.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Every dog has its fail day. If it was caught on camera, chances are it's in this episode.

Gravity Always Wins

Someone's gotta test the laws of physics.

Hold My Juicebox

Raising kids is no picnic.

Pain and Gain

Working out doesn't always work out.

Loud AF

Turn up the volume and get ready for some LOUD NOISES that will have you going WTF.

Redneck Redemption

If you're in this episode, you might be a redneck.

Bungle Gym

These people clearly need to get a new hobby.

DMV: Dummies in Motor Vehicles

Watch and relax as these fails do a drive by.

Whiskers and Feathers

Two famous foes go at it in this episode of cat and bird fails.

Chocolate Souffail

Get your fails well done in this episode featuring food and cooking.

Broke Back Mountain

Some go to nature to be healed. Not these people.

Varsity Black and Blues

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take —Wayne Gretzky —Michael Scott

Water Works

Dive into this weeks episode head first. Or belly flop. That's fine too.

Built Up and Knocked Down

The world is full of beauty and wonders, and fails.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

When life knocks you down, capture it on camera.

Scales and Fails

Failure is not limited to humans. Watch these creatures with scales get their fail on.

It's All Fun and Games...

...Until somebody records it. Then it becomes fails you can watch for the next 30 minutes.

Under Construction

You're gong to need a hard hat for this episode of fails that includes construction, city life, shopping and more.