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Home and Away Episode 17

This episode of Life On The Edge is plane crazy and will leave you feeling all at sea because it features some of the most amazing aircraft-based footage you've ever seen, before dropping several thousand feet into the deep blue, for a look at some epic sea videos. Fortunately, by the end, you'll be home sweet home with a hilarious compilation of house-based fails and wins. Enjoy!

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Proud Parents

australia is super wild with the kinds of creatures you want to see in videos but not encounter in real life and, for exactly that reason, Australia is where we're headed for this episode of Life On The Edge. You'll also get to see some of the slitheriest snakes and some animals that pack quite a bite.

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When the weather goes wrong, Life On The Edge contributors are always waiting on the sidelines with their cameras. This hilarious compilation of weather-based fails starts in the ice cold depths of failure, but ends bathing in the glow of the summer sun. This episode is all about winter woes and summer sadness with the added bonus of it being extremely funny.

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